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Endo pains

Hi there, don't know if anyone else can help...I was diagnosed with Endo in 2011 following a rather quickly arranged lap. 2 months later I knew something wasn't right as all my pains had come back but worse! After 10 months of constantly telling the doctors and consultant that I needed a second lap I finally got one, yes it had returned and bad..my bowel, bladder ect had fused together from scar tissue. 5 weeks later we fell pregnant with our first child (born 17.09.2013) !! Yes finally no more pain or bleeding..or so I thought...after a horrible pregnancy and in and out of hospital and being 13 days over I didn't think that the a Endo would come back. Not after what we were told anyway. 5 weeks ago It started again and last week I was taken into hospital for pain relief and now awaiting on my 3rd surgery. This time around the pains seem more intense and I generally feel very poorly. I get tired very easily and suffer with an upset stomach at least 5 times a day. I can't seem to eat much either without feeling unwell after, (I also suffer from IBS). I was wondering if anyone else out there is experiencing or has experience the same. I feel a very unwell 26 year old and can't seem to find anything to help. I am now gluten free and have tried all contraceptives and pain relief. I am resorted to not taking any pain relief now, due to the fact if I did I wouldn't be able to look after my child. I don't know anyone else personally with Endl as bad as mine, I was diagnosed with stage 4. Please if anyone can give me any helpful hints or tips or just to know someone else out there has experienced the same would be very comforting. Xxx

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Awwww huni congrats on being a mummy! I know how u feel being in the same boat the disease is horrible! I wish endo would go away for everyone! Iv got stage 4 endo where my bladder, womb and Bowles stuck togethere! just had major sugery end of April to remove endo. After that there's been complication after complication I'm sooo tired and fed up. Now ended up with JJ stents in my kidneys after side effect of sugery! This is something new on top of horrific endo! All I can say with such a disease is that pain relief is vital coz the pain is wrose then child birth for me. I no everyone is different but try m talk to Gp/ pain team to see what your best option is. I hope everything goes well for u. Iv got surgery Tomorrow to either remove these stents or to have new ones in. Please wish me luck xxxxxxx


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