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Hysterectomy Question

Bit of a random hypothetical Friday evening musing!..

If you have pain/severe bloating only during AF each month and then go onto have a partial hysterectomy, leaving your ovary/ovaries. Would this alleviate the pain/bloating or would this continue to happen? (does your body still go through a cycle of hormones when you can't have an AF?)

Hope that makes some sense! A friend asked me this and I couldn't answer for sure! Any comments?

thanks :) x

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Whether you have working ovaries or you go on HRT, you still have a cycle, which is why so many ladies with endo are not cured by just having their uterus removed. All that will do is stop the actual period, but the remaining endo found else where will still respond to hormones and still remain active and bleed wherever it may be and that bleeding irritates what it lands on and causes swelling and bloating and so on.

So make no difference to endo unless all existing endo it removed at the same time as the hysterectomy is done, which is why this op needs specialist endo surgeons whoknow what they are looking for and have the expertise to remove existing endo lesions for good.

If the endo is entirely removed and you don't have IBS or any of the other common causes of bloating, then you should find a considerable reduction in bloating and in most cases a considerable reduction in the pain. However the down side is each surgery can result in scarring and adhesions which themselves can cause pains.


Thanks Impatient! that is what I thought but you word it so well, thank you! will let her read this :) x


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