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anyone have this problem to

hi I was found to have spots of endo in a few different places. it was found 10 months ago after 6 years of seeing different doctors having scans and blud tests . they even thought I had ic but that test came back clear to. I was so happy when the doctor told me he found endo. I was put on the depo injeccshon and it worked well for the 10 months but now I have the feeling of needing to pee a lot again and preesher some times it feals like I cant even bend over and sometimes it feals like my pelvous is going to birst. I also get pain but the pain I can handle its the fealing of needing to pee and the preeshur that realy gets me. does anyone have this problem it comes and goes when it pleases. im getting the depol tonight so I hope it helps again. thanks for reading my poast and if anyone has this fealing I would love to here from you

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