Hi ladies. On the advice of my gynae I have started my second pill packet last week without a break as they want me to tri-cycle. Since then I've had bad constipation symptoms. What used to happen was, about a week leading up to my period, I would get constipated and then during my period I would have diarrhoea. Apart from that, I used to go once a day. I can't open my bowels without laxatives at the moment and I eat plenty of fruit, veg and fibre. I also drink plenty of water.

Just wondering from your experiences whether taking the pill back to back has caused you constipation too? Sorry it's a bit tmi but it's very frustrating, especially in this warm weather xx

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  • Hi Chopples!

    It hasn't happened to me I am taking 5-6 packs at a time of Microgynon.

    Have you tried prunes or something like that that are especially supposed to help you go?

    Also just to help down there!! I have recently bought one of these:

    Lots of people rave about them! Supposed to put your pelvis in the correct alignment to go! Might help?

    Take Care xx

  • Hi Catlou

    Good idea on the prunes, even though I don't like them :) I will try anything at the moment.

    Thanks for the link. May have to purchase as I know our toilets aren't very well set up for our bowels.


  • You are welcome!

    I don'l like Prunes either ;-) and I like most foods! Would eat them if I thought they might help me - maybe try Ice Cream or Custard to help get them down lol!


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