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Struggling :(

Feeling the need for a rant! Struggling with the tiredness and the pain and feeling so down. Because of migraines etc I've had to stop the pill and now I've got to go through the fun of finding something to help. Can't have the coil because when I last had it it made everything so much worse, so I have no idea what my other options are?! I've been up all night with pain and I'm running on empty. It's got to a point where today I was sent home from work after 10 minutes... I literally walked in got asked if I was ok and cried uncontrollably until by partner picked me up and took me to an emergency doctors appointment, which thankfully has kicked started further investigation to my endo. I just can't cope anymore with the constant pain, I was told having my lap would make it all better but omg were they wrong. The pain never stops and the worst part is now I've started getting this horrendous pain when I pee.... not like the burny stingy pain but this horrible pain in my side that's like... well it feels like someone is stabbing me with a serrated knife and sawing into my insides, and it's all caused from emptying my bladder, like the movement of it is causing this pain, is this something anyone else has experienced??

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I also thought I would feel better after my laparoscopy but I am still in pain, left side mainly and all my belly when I walk more than 5 min. When was your surgery done? And have you tried tramadol to control pain? Me I'm trying acupuncture next week. Good luck x


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