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Why do I look 6th pregnant x

Hi this is my 1st post on here.so bear with me. I was diagnosed with endometriosis while I was having my apendix removed. Since then I've had an ablation,and then a laperoscopy was told I was in a bit of a mess in there so to cut a long story short I'm now waiting for a date when I can go in to have a total hysterectomy and some of my bowel removed just waiting for both sergeons to be free at the same time (bowel sergeon and gynecological sergeon ) now my question is ladies why do I look about 6mths pregnant it's getting me down. is there anybody else who suffered this and is there anything I can do about it please ladies any advice is welcome x could it be my medication I'm taking amitrypilline 20mg per day xx

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I had a laposcopy and hystoscopy last week. And i currently look 6 months pregnant too. Im sure its down to swelling after all the poking around. During the laposcopy i was filled with carbon dioxide (i presume you were too) to make more room for the surgeon so may be a combanation of the swelling and remaining carbon dioxide making us look big? Ive not really questioned it as i presummed it was normal.



Thank u for yr reply it's nice to know I'm not alone.


Bloating seems a common problem amongst endo sufferers! I find I have less bloating when I follow the endo diet strictly but I imagine you will still be a little swollen/ bloated being post op too. Peppermint tea is also helpful for me x


Your welcome...

And ive just recently heard that peppermint actually helps quicker release of the carbon dioxide. Ive not tried it myself. But maybe worth a go.


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