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Sick at work and struggling - help!

Hi all

I am currently awaiting a gynaecologist appointment following years of problems with my periods who suspects I have endometriosis after all transvaginal ultrasound came back clear.

Have been on antibiotics as doctor has also suspected I have a UTI and a pelvic infection so I had 3 sets of antibiotics at the same time finishing on Monday just gone.

Today is the first day of my period, before work I felt sick but because I have been off so much with pelvic pain I decided to go in anyway and chance it.

Unfortunately since 10 this morning I have been running to the loo with loose stools which I know is common with endo.

Does anyone have any tips with dealing with this?

Thank you so much

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I have been given Buscopan and it seems to help a bit... may be worth a try. Good luck honey x


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