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Bloating after laparoscopy?

I have done a little bit of research on this but I'm still not sure what to expect...any help or recommendations welcomed :)

I had my first lap on Friday 11th July, I had two cysts removed - one was around 5cm and the other much smaller, these have been sent off to check as they weren't chocolate cysts (they thought they were initially based on an ultrasound), the surgeon also found small patches of endo all over and removed it. I had 4 incisions and the stitches are healing well.

I just wondered how long it takes for the bloating to go down? I do also have some sharp pains in my ovaries and just beneath my belly button too - I've been taking pain relief but once it wears off it comes back and is very painful.

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Regards the extremely painful belly button wound - please see your GP, it it the No.1 site for an infection and if it sore, or reddish which is spreading out, itchy, weeping or showing any other signs that there may be an infection then urgent treatment with anti-biotics must be sought and it can take a long time to clear up too.

My 1st lap belly button hole got infected and it took two months of antibiotics before it got sorted.

If you are in so much pain without pain killers at the belly button this must be considered a possible infection. It isn't normal to experience great pain there after a lap.

Some pain is to be expected but more of a tender to the touch pain without pain killers.

Because you had a lot of different ptches of endo removed - this will hve been done by laser or diathermy, and this method burns the endo lesions back.

As with all burns - the healing process is a lengthy one. Just as it is with a severe case of sunburn on the skin we are talking weeks and weeks rather than days.

Initially swelling and blistering then gradually the dead tissue needs to fall away being intensely itchy (which is fine if you can scratch skin but fat lot of help when it's inside you and you cannot sooth the itch at all). Then eventually new cells will grow and scarring can form.

I was still feeling the very strange internal itches at around 6 weeks after my op.

But after that stage it was much better to dealwith.

at this point it time all the wound sites nd there could be dozens of them, will be at the swollen stage and this will add to the bloating discomfort for a couple ofweeks or more just yet, but it will calm down and you will feel so much better- just need to give your poor battered body a chance to heal properly and get through this.

It may just be that near your belly button was one of the endo patches that was burned back, but it wouldn't be a common location, so to be on the safe side do checkwith your GP just incase you are unfortunate to have got an infected belly button wound.

So many of us have landed up with an infection there, that it should get checked out.

Very best of luck and speedy recovery wishes to you


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