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weak bladder

I was diagnosed with severe Endometriosis last June via a lap but nothing was removed, i am due another lap in 5 weeks time and they are confident they can excise it this time as it is on my bowel, and bladder and also my ovaries. Luckily i am on zoladex so not getting many painful symptoms but a recent thing at the moment seems to be feeling the need to urinate when i sneeze is this endo related? i'm not that old i only turned 29 the other day lol. Does anybody else have this problem?

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Yes this may be related to the endo that is on your bladder. Speak with your consultant the next time you see them and see what they say. There are tests they can refer you for to make sure it isn't something else like overactive bladder.

I am 32 and have terrible bladder symptoms cos of the large amount of endo on my bladder and near my bowels but my consultant also thinks I have an overactive bladder and when I went for a urodynamics test, one of the things they do during the test is test if you leak when you cough or sneeze.

Good luck for your lap and I hope you recover well



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