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Can't cope

Hello everyone I was diagnosed with endormetriosis last year after suffering for the past 9 years with sever symptoms, I've had a diverse collection of treatments, pain relief, a combination of the pill, several investigatory operations, a whole log or oral Moph, psychiatric assessments to ensure I'm not mad and the pain exists, imaginary cists removed my appendix taken out, this year I finally was given my laparoscopy to removed the endo I have a very sever case and the pain is unimaginable so you can imagine I was overjoyed with the news, they reconvened my endo and for 3 months I had been pain free, until yesterday and it's back with a vicious vengeance, the doctors can do no more, I'm 23 and seriously considering a full hysterectomy I can't carry on like this, please ladies can anyone help me !!!!

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It sounds like you have had a terrible time of it but please Don't give up!! You can cope I assure you, you are stronger than you think, try some positive thinking you may have to force it at first but give it a go it will help more than you realise, research meditation methods and find one that works for you. It may be worth having a sincere chat with your consultant so you can come up with a plan of action to find out what helps you. I hope you find your answers, big virtual hugs xx


I am so very sorry to hear you are going through such pain. I do hope you can find some relief soon. Maybe you can get a second opinion? My dad told me to talk to a homeopathic person to try that, I guess it wouldn't hurt to look into.

I was just diagnosed last week after a surgery to remove fibroids an cysts, it was quite a shock, but now I'm trying to deal with the next step. It's hard to stay positive, but that's all we can do.


My endo sister i totally understand your pain. Please dont feel like you cant cope you are an incredibly strong woman living with this condition. Thinking of you :)


After another trip to hospital I'm feeling much more positive finally steps are being taken to try and give me quality of life !! Been advised to get some acupuncture and follow the endo diet good luck ladies it's a long hard battle x

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