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Physiotherapy / physical therapy for adhesions? UK clinics?

Hi I'm looking to try some physiotherapy for adhesion formation following radical excision. I have researched into the success of a clinic in the USA which seems to be producing some good evidence that massage can help break down adhesions and improve fertility. Is anyone aware of an UK clinics offering the same?

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Hi Jdgirl,

I have read a lot about the same thing but you would need to see someone who really knows what they are doing. I don't feel a physiotherapist would necessarily be the best. I have heard of the massage method in America but as far as I know it is not available in the UK. The other thing I have come across is Mayan Massage which sounds promising.

Google 'mayan massage endometriosis' to learn more. mayamassage.co.uk


Hi, I see an osteopath that is trained in visceral manipulation. She works on scar tissue and also to ensure my organs (esp reproductive ones) and ligaments are not stuck together. She combines it with structural work (vertebrae in the right place, moving properly etc.) and it helps. You need to find someone trained in visceral work and especially gynae issues.


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