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Hysterectomy happening on tuesday

Just looking to see if anyone has had a total hysterectomy for endo and if they can share their experiences with me. Did it help/ work? Are you now pain free? How bad was recovery?

I'm due to have mine 22/07. I have tried loads of previous treatments and Zoladex was brilliant for me.

Thank you

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Hi. I had a subtotal 4 years ago, but it didn't really improve things, so I had everything that was left removed last November. My Endo symptoms are now few and far between, but unfortunately I ran into complications that have been far worse than the Endo. I truly believe I have been unlucky, & I hope yours goes well. If it does you will find life is so much easier. Good luck.


Hi, I had keyhole total hysterectomy and BSO 3 weeks ago, due to endo. I was on prostap for 6 months, which worked great for me and was pain free for a time.

The op was not as bad as I expected And I am recovering really well, you just have to be careful not to do too much and take it easy and slowly.

Week one and two I slept a lot really and didn't leave the house. Just got up and sat downstairs, had a little walk, then went back to bed. Was very tired.

Week 3 to now I still get a bit tired and still have some back ache but have told this is normal at this stage! I am still taking painkillers but not very many now. I usual get out of the house every other day, just to the shops or out for a coffee or something to relieve the boredom :)

I would recommend you look at the hystersisters website (if you haven't already) as I honestly found this really useful and answered a lot of questions I have had.

I hope the op goes well for you :) and just remember to take it easy and slowly.

Hope that helps :) if I can help anymore let me know :) x

Good luck :)

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Good evening.....

I am booked to have a hysterectomy in September/October, due to adenomyosis.

I have had Endo since 1991 and was diagnosed with adenomyosis and a fibroid last year.

My surgery is also going to be done laparoscopically. My right ovary is being removed and my Endo excised.

I want to wish you all the best for Tuesday. Remember to take care if yourself.


Barbara x


Hello! I had severe endo and had a complex laparoscopic total hysterectomy 9 weeks ago, leaving my rescued ovaries in place. Before my op I was living on powerful painkillers and was literally housebound and life was non-existent. The op went better than expected (no colostomy bag!) and within a day of the op I was feeling different.

My recovery has been incredibly fast and I am a different person now. I have no pain which I still am coming to terms with, it has been an emotional journey as I never thought I would feel well again. I am doing more now than I have done for years, swimming everyday, riding my bike, walking, standing up straight, staying awake and not a painkiller in sight! I have got my life back, so those few difficult scary days in hospital has been totally worth it. To feel like I do only 9 weeks amazes me and my family, I only wish I could have had the op earlier.

The first week is the hardest and you will feel tired and sore, but hopefully you will have a gradual improvement each day. When the pain of the operation begins to subside you should be able to feel the difference from op pain to the endo pain.

Just make sure you take it very easy, do not over do it, but do try and get up on your feet as soon as you can and start walking gently, increasing it a little each day. Get plenty of rest so you can heal fully and spoil yourself rotten because that works wonders too!!

Good luck, stay positive and I hope your operation is a complete success for you.




Hi I had a total abdominal hysterectomy and ovaries removed 5 weeks ago today. I lost a lot of blood in op and am on iron tablets now. I am now feeling quite good still some pulling pains and tightness. Only taking pain killers occasionally now. You get tired a lot. I go out for a walk or to the shops for a bit or a coffee everyday. But just now I am starting to feel like a new woman, it feels great. Although you get tired I do not feel as constantly tired and run down as I did with the enod. I hope it stays that way. You will need to rest and take it easy alot. Having a good support network of friends and relatives helps alot. I think endo is the worst thing ever and some people just don't understand what you go through. Good luck to you, hope all goes well.


Good luck for Tuesday.

I'm having a hysterectomy on 18th August.

Just take care xx


Well the day has arrived, thank you all for taking the time to reply. I will post my experience once I feel able and hope this is the end to my suffering thanks again x


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