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Advice please ladies :)

Hi I'm becky, I'm 25 and I've been living in Australia on a working holiday visa and due to go back to the UK in March. My right ovary pains have been getting worse as has my periods. My ultrasound has shown my right ovary is stuck to my pelvic wall and is very very small with no follicles, my uterus is pulling to the right also, indicating adhesions are pulling it across. There was no free movement on that side. The gp has referred me to a gynaecologist here and said I will need a laparoscopy. However I would much rather wait till I go back to the UK to have this done as we are travelling around Australia and I will have to stay where I am. What would you girls advice, could I risk waiting 8 months or could my fertility been even more at risk. My main concern is my fertility and I was hoping to start a family in the next few years. The gp said it is something I should deal with promptly and not wait until I go home. I just feel very unsure of what to do. How typically bad timing! Any advice would be so helpful, I feel very lost.

Thank you :)

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I would get it done right away Hun, it could get a lot worse if you leave it, and in all honesty the nhs is rubbish over here! The changes are you will end up waiting a hell of a lot longer of you have to go on the waiting list in the uk, plus you won't enjoy your travelling if your in constant pain x


Thank you Kayleigh. I know the waiting times on the NHS are shocking but we are just lucky it's free. It's cost me a fortune out here, even on their public health system. I will stick it out here and speak to the gynecologist (hopefully soon) Xx


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