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Hiya all...sorry to post asking questions...I'm trying to figure everything out.

Ok so I was diagnosed with endo, had lap and some treatment on Wed 9th July. I had never thought of Endo, but know looking back I'm wondering about all of my problems.

After the birth of my daughter in 2000 I started with horrendous lower back pain, pain during intercourse, Drs said it was muscular. Then along with the back problems I started having seizures and numb and weak left leg, bad heads and terrible fatigue. They thought it was MS...but then was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, CFS and Epilepsy( although they keep changing their mind on epilepsy). Everything intensified around ovulation and my periods...for years I was saying to the Drs 'I'm sure it's something to do with my periods or my hormones, my cycle is making me so ill'. Drs used to look at me as if I was stupid. After months of severe right side abdo pain and hip pain (which I thought was part of Fibro) I was referred to Gynae, had lap and diagnosed.....

I'm looking back at everything and wondering how much is to do with Endo? I guess I was kind of right when I was saying to them about my period/cycle. I want to sort out which symptoms could be the Endo as I am due the see my Neurologist over the next few months. Anyone have seizures with theirs, constant weak leg and arm?

Sorry it's long, just really trying to figure what is causing what, if that makes sense....thanks so much Suze xx

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Hi Suze :)

Your post is very similar to one, I have been going to write!! as I am also wondering a lot of the same things?? My own story is similar to yours in lots of ways.

My concentration is poor so I can't write it all down now as would like to try explain it properly lol! Will try do it in next few days. Xx


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