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Looking for advice!

Hi just a little bit of background info and looking for any advice or support. I have been on birth control since I was 14, I got married last year in September 2013 but came off my birth control in August at the age of 24 hoping to conceive soon. In January 2014 I started having pain in my right side that seemed to escalate to a pulling pain. I started to convince myself I was pregnant and this is what the strange feeling must be but unfortunately after being 2 days late my period came. The pain didn't leave and was constant getting worse nearer my period. My periods have also lightened and can last just 3 days instead of the usual 6/7 days. I have been to the doctor who put me for a scan to check there was no cysts this came back clear therefore leading the doctor to the conclusion by my symptoms that it is endometriosis as this also runs in my family . This is now July and the pain has not gone away only got worse, I seem to be taking pain killers a lot, having to lie down a lot, and noticed a change in my bowl movements. I can be extremely constipated or the opposite and can be very sore with this. I've also started experiencing sciatic pain in my back on the right side that keeps me up at night. I have been referred to a gynaecologist but I am on a 12-14 week waiting list. The doctor is hesitant to do put me back on birth control or arrange a laparoscopy for causing any scar tissue as I am trying for family. Starting to get a bit down with all of this as there seems to be nothing they can do until after I've had a baby and that doesn't seem to be happening either. Just wondered if anyone could shed some light on their symptoms and experiences. Also anyone that has endometriosis and have had children. Thanks!

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