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Endo pain

Not so much needing advice ladies but more needing to let of some steam! Been really struggling trying to manage work and this condition, just had a good few weeks where I was actually starting to feel positive again about tackling this and now have been struck down yet again by hideous pain. Just come on my period and it's more painful than it's been for a while; I'm barely sleeping, crying every time I go to the toilet due to the pain and generally feeling low.

Had my first lap last sept to diagnosis and treat the endo found. Unfortunately I had a month if that of relief and it's been slowly getting worse ever since. It's now the worst it's ever been since even before the first lap :-/ I need another lap but due to work commitments just don't think this is a possibility for me atm. I have support for a few friends and my mum is a great support but I struggle with work colleagues, and other family members most don't seem to get the extent of the pain or just dismiss it with my favourite quote 'oh well you look ok' argh!!!

Sorry to go on just don't feel like anyone else is truly understanding how I'm feeling and how guilty I feel when I have to miss work.

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Hi Bambi26, can totally empathise with you. Going through something similar at work. Don't think you should feel guilty, your health comes first. You can't work efficiently if you're feeling poorly.

I've decided to go to my gp and ask for a sick note while I'm waiting for my lap- I'm on the waiting list- could be waiting 18 weeks !!

I don't think you can expect work colleagues to understand what we go through. Luckily, management is very understanding where I work and I have a reputation for being hardworking so they know I'm not putting it on.

Don't worry, your not alone



Just wanted to add you should try and get a referral to occupational health if you have such a thing at your work.

As you've had the endo diagnosed, you should get it recorded that you do have this condition, might make things easier for you in terms of taking time off. Also OH will recommend adjustments in the workplace to try n make things easier for you.

Hope this helps xx


I can understand what you mean. Work is stressful and taking the rime off im silly enough to worry about what other people think of me. Im a manager and taking time off doesnt help but when I cant drive due to the pain im stuck. Taking tramadol which helps the pain (a bit) but then I feel rubbish all day. I feel weak. Im new to all this but it makes me feel better knowing im not alone. Dawn


I have suffered for over ten years with endometriosis. I have taken minimal time off and never realised I could involve Occupational Health at work. Recently things have got so bad I've had six weeks off awaiting a hysterectomy. I have initiated a referral to OH but feel like it's after the horse has bolted!! Please get referred asap. Another colleague in a different dept did and it made life much easier with a little more flexibility, help with lifting etc.

Good luck!


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