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Had my lap :0)

Finally had my lap after the previous date was cancelled at the last minute. Had cyst removed from my right ovary which was stuck to my pelvic wall (apparently the cyst burst and they had to open up my ovary to clean out the gunk - which confirmed for then the cyst was formed from endometriosis). They didn't find any other sign of endometriosis (was in surgery for an hour apparently!) not sure how I feel. Have not been able to have a proper chat with the docs yet but wondering what on earth has been causing the severe pain and swelling I've experienced which has been increasing over the last 9 months.......

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I'm assuming the pain and swelling were all before the lapo.....

If so, then the pain and swelling are all part of endometriosis. The fact that they found that an ovary stuck proves this. The blood seeps out and causes the swelling and pain, the fact that they only found the one main spot, should now mean that the pain eases. However this is not a cure - the problem will slowly get worse again, as new blood builds up.

You need to see your gp for advice, there are several types of medication that can give you a break - they stop periods so no bleeding. It depends on your other medical history as to what is best for you.


Hi wenann, thank you x yep the pain & swelling was all pre op. Am hopeful that once the post op pain settles (particularly on my right side...) eases I will get a reprieve from issues - as long as it's long enough to enjoy my little girls 3rd birthday I will cope x Also this is second cyst found but 1st one found by accident & hadn't caused any issues


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