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Has anybody else suffered with weightloss with endo?

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Since I started having regular pain and no hormones my weight has steadily decreased but is now concerning me at my heavyest I was 71kg after children but now I'm 53.6kg and it just keeps coming off I know I can't eat a big meal as I get nausea and stomach pains but I do graze a lot?

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I'll do you a swop ;-) I've put on a good 3st with various treatments, reduced mobility etc. ...which is not to minimize your problem - I know that weight loss can be an issue too.

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hi, im from Sedona AZ in the U.S.A. i dont know the translation of weight into pounds but i can tell you that i too have lost dramatic weight from symptoms worsening which do include terrible nausea at times accompanied with mild to violently severe vommiting that has landed me in the hospital a few times. I also experience dreadful pain with bowel movements sometimes which is why I moved into a vegan, gluten free, water soluble diet. This diet change has helped me more than anything so far... I still dread the mornings which seem to bring me the most pain. I have recently even stopped working because I truly can't take it physically anymore. I am a waitress. If there is anything at all that I can help you with please just ask... There are not a lot of women that experience the reverse side effects of severe weightloss that can result from this disease. I would also like to share that I am 96 pounds. I was 110.

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Yazza in reply to kismetfairy7

In pounds mine was 156 pounds and now I'm 118 pounds! I get nausea a lot and can't eat a large meal as I feel sick straight away followed by excruciating bowel pain!

I'm having a kidney and bladder u/s on the 24th July but I'm thinking that maybe a MRI with contrast dye might be a good idea to check the bowel. Xx


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Hi I also have lost a lot of weight mainly due to nSusea but struggle now to keep weight on- I take it you have endo also?

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Yes I do and get nausea and constipation which makes me not want to eat! X

Hi yazza I'm beginning to have those symptoms daily also, how did your scan go? I feel like I'm compacted with poo but I don't think I am as I go every day it's just such an effort getting it out and it's rabbit poo - sorry tmi - then when I'm on my period it's literally a poo tap all the time - sorry tmi - the nausea is always there and I can only eat little bits at a time, sometimes the smell of food makes me want to vomit and I also wake in the night, sometimes numerous times, wanting to be sick - do you get this too?

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Tmi is sometimes needed! Super familiar especially daily nausea ck139 even it disrupting sleep. I was actually sick for first time other day. Have you tried ginger or mints?

I know no one likes being sick but in have such a phobia about being sick, I will literally do anything than be sick, I get all the quivering mouth and get the sweats but I not actually been sick yesterday, I have mints on me all the time lol, I not tried ginger yet, I know it sounds stupid but my gag reflex is so high sometimes I'm scared to try things I don't like, it's a viscous circle, when I'm on my period and it's unbearable again I will try it, I've tried the peppermint tea this week and even though it makes me gag I've had 2 nights where I haven't woke up feeling sick :) I'm a week after my period so it's not been as bad this past week, I'm scared for the build up to my period

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Hi Yazza, I have heard of this with Coeliac disease. In my studies I have also found a correlation between diseases of a gynocological nature with Coeliac disease.

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