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4 week period and fatigue! Any advice?

Hello everyone!

I have suspected endo and I've just finished a 4 week period, I bled heavily throughout (worst at certain points in the day) and had excruciating menstrual cramps throughout. Now it's over I literally feel like I've been run over! I'm so tired I can barely have a conversation, I've got a constant headache nausea, I honestly feel sore everywhere. The doctors aren't being very helpful has anyone got any advice they can offer? I've just started a new job and can't really take time off but work next week seems like it's not going to happen right now! Any help will be appreciated...

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You might find that you are anaemic so maybe look at iron rich food and ones that will keep your energy up. You may find that drinking plenty of water will help with the headaches. I would suggest speaking to your do to to see if there are any supplements etc you can take but if they aren't much help at the moment that won't be any use! Hope you feel better soon x


Thanks so much for that, just gone and got some iron tablets so hopefully that will help out a bit! X


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