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Due my lap on Monday :/

So after months and months of everyday pain, I finally have another lap. My slight concern now is I have just come on, after my last lap in march things have never been right. And my periods well they aren't the best come when want, excruciating pain constantly making me bed bound some of the time and lastly very heavy (sorry for tmi)

I'm worried that I'll be still on when it's my lap, anyone know what happens if you are, will they still do it, how did you cope?

Thank you

Very nervous!


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I think that may be of benefit as they will see it active and hopefully treat it with excision.

Good luck. X


Don't worry they'll still do the op, I've had this once. Make sure you let the nurse know when you get there. They will either let you wear your own knickers with your own sanitary towels or they will give you some really glamorous paper hospital pants and a great big pad! The only thing they will probably say is you can't wear tampons. They were really lovely about it with me and even told me they would change the pad if needed during the op. Although not something you really want to think about!

Good luck for Monday - hope it goes well



Thank you for your replies :)

Feel better to know that it's all ok.

Thank you, just hope it's all ok and not too bad when they get in there :/ very nervous but just want it over with.



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