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Recently had an ultrasound scan, showed my right ovary has many cysts and the attached fallopian tube has liquid in it. Anyone had this?

Trying to conceive and my left ovary already had some of it removed along with an endometrioma cyst. If anyone has any experience of blocked tubes/ endometriomas and have managed to conceive I'd be really grateful to hear from you. Did you need to have IVF?

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The swollen fallopian tube is called hydrosalpinx if you use the term in the search box on the green bar at the top of the page there are dozens of previous discussions about it. If you have it on BOTH sides then yes you would need IVF, but if only on the one side then that has no bearing on the otherside and if the ovary and tube are fine an working then a natural conception ought to be possible, just allow a bit longer to fall pregnant than you would if everything was normal. Good Luck.


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