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Is it a period, a miscarriage or other health issue?

I am a little confused as to whats going on with me right now. I understand I am under a lot stress. I just moved, I had surgery on my wrist 3 weeks ago and i am in a cast, so i know stress can alter a woman's cycle, and i am about 3 weeks late. when i got my surgery, they told me the pregnancy test was negative. i got my period 3 days ago. the 1st day was really heavy. i went through 6 pads in 1 day. the next day i had no bleeding at all. today i am bleeding but only when i wipe after urination. I was just wondering if this is normal cause i have never experienced this before. i have had 1 kid, 1 miscarriage, and a kidney stone. the bleeding is not painful and i don't have many cramps. do y'all think its normal or should i go to the doc?

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Hi there,

In all honesty, no one will know unless you do a pregnancy test. If it is a miscarriage then you'll be better off going to your doctor as they will need to do test to see if it is and also check that there aren't any remnants left (sorry if that is upsetting, I just want you to know all of what will happen)

In my opinion, I would go to the doctors so you can get checked out for all circumstances. You could just be really stressed and its messed up your cycle but its better to be safe than sorry so I'd go just to get it double checked.

Good luck and hope its just stress that's causing this. Keep me updated.

Leya xxx


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