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What to expect from my first lap (to diagnose endo)?

Hi everyone, I'm due to have my first lap to diagnose endometriosis on 3rd of July (this Thursday) and I am absolutely terrified. I suffer from anxiety and a severe phobia of vomiting and I just wanted to hear from ladies that have experienced the op!

I was originally diagnosed with IBS but because of intense pain during and after sex they now think it could be endo. I've had an ultrasound which didn't pick up any cysts which is a good sign.

If the diagnosis shows that I do have endo the surgeon will lazer it off there and then.

If anyone could let me know what to expect after surgery that would be brilliant!

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Hi there, like you I find the thought of operations terrifying. I had a laparoscopy 4 years ago after a scan showed a cyst on my ovary. During the op they discovered I had severe endo. They removed as much as they could, including part of my ovary. The recovery wasn't too bad really, I only needed paracetamol. I have just been told I might need to have another laparoscopy which is making me feel very anxious :( Just have to keep telling myself that it isn't major surgery and it could be a lot worse! Good luck xx


Thank you for getting back to me! I'm very worried about the recovery but so many people say it's not too bad so fingers crossed! :) xx


Hi, I have had 4 or 5 laps over the last 4 years - I was terrified when I had the 1st one as I too suffer from anxiety and nausea & I felt unprepared by the pre- op as so many ladies on here seem to be too. When you get to the hospital you will have the chance to speak to your consultant and the anaesthetist before the op to go through any fears you have. After the op you will feel sore and the anaesthetic May take its toll on your body so be prepared for lots of rest. You may be able to go home the same day (I always have a slow recovery so end up staying the night), but make sure you have a nice nightshirt or long Tshirt to wear instead of pjs as your tummy will be sore and bloated. If I take it easy I don't find the recovery pain too bad - just if I overdo it that it is uncomfortable. The gas they use to inflate you during the lap can cause trapped wind and I find peppermint tea is helpful, and also laxatives can be helpful as going to the loo can be uncomfortable. Try and stay positive and you will be fine; having my ops helped me to feel more in control of my endo so I tried to think if them as a positive. Good luck and hope this helps, melissa xx


Thank you! I've just started packing my bag just in case I have to stay over night and I've made sure to pack loose nightwear :) xx


Hi Emily0105. I had my lap almost three weeks ago and can assure you that yes while it's scary, you'll be fine. Now for the essay lol

They will give you an anti sickness drug before your anaesthetic and they gave me the best drug I have ever had to help me relax; it kicked in within seconds and had me singing along to the music they were playing in theatre lol

When I came round I just felt really sleepy and wanted to nod off again but also had that weird thing where when you're really drunk and your sober self is telling your drunk self to focus and stop talking rubbish.

I've had anaesthetic a few times and have never reacted to it badly; I've never vomited and the general rule is if your stomach is empty, you won't puke. The main thing to do is try and stay as calm as possible (I know it's easier said than done with anxiety) and let the nurses and the surgeon know your fears so they can best help you.

My lap didn't diagnose Edno or cysts but instead found I have multiple adhesions from past surgery from appendicitis and my ovary is fused to my cervix, hence my pain. I had got my hopes up to coming round and being told I was sorted and treated and would be pain free. I'm currently not treated or pain free.

Go in with an open mind and discuss everything with your consultant. Remember, the only stupid question is the one not asked.

When I was discharged they gave me paracetamol, ibuprofen and codeine and a weeks worth of bed rest. The worst thing for me though was the trapped wind; it made my ribs hurt, my shoulders, and I had the worst stitch feeling ever. To help shift it stay as upright as you can and move around little and often.

Sorry for the essay but I hope some of this has helped ease your mind a little. I just hope I haven't scared you more


This has in no way scared me more! You've made it sound 1000 times better than I'm making it out to be in my head! :) xx


Hi I had my 1st lap in April and was terrified (to the point I blubbered like a baby right up until the anaesthetic put me to sleep lol) but I had nothing to be worried about. I had some pain after which was relieved with paracetamol and ibuprofen and was back at work after a week (but was mindful not to do too much!) This was purely a diagnostic lap and a dye test with no treatment done so not sure if recovery is longer if they decide to treat you there and then. You will be absolutely fine! Everyones recovery is different so just listen to your own body x


I can imagine I'll be blubbing like a baby all day Thursday haha! Thank you for your advice! I've got two days so I'll soon see what's going on :) xx


Hi emily0105, i had my first lap (plus i had to have bladder investigations at the same time) 2weeks ago today and I'm going back to work tomorrow, recovery has not been bad at all. Everybody takes different amounts of time to recover from the lap and it depends what you have done to how long it will take to recover also. I was anxious before the op and told the nurse this, they made sure everything was brilliantly explained to reassure me which helped. Like other ladies on here i got anti sickness pre op and post op and luckily had no vomiting or nausea. Best wishes for your op on Thursday :) xxx


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