Anyone had Decapeptyl injections??

I have had endo for 17 years only got it diagnosed 7 years ago and was given a lap to find it is on mostly the left side and my bowl. I was put on Zoladex with hormone patches after everything else failed and had a year and a half of relief. Just before my cycle returned i found out i was pregnant and had a handsome healthy little boy. The endo has retuned worse and i started Decapeptyl injections 3 weeks ago the problem is i started bleeding 3 days after the injection and it hasn't stopped. Has anyone experienced this? The gyno wont see me for another 8 months and my doctor said to wait and see if it settles. I wasn't this bad with zoladex.

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  • Hi, I was diagnosed with endo more than 15 years ago. Found out whilst battling to conceive my daughter. I had no pain then, so dres were surprised that I had grade 2 endo. Had this layered away & went on to have two beautiful healthy children. Unfortunately the endo has returned with a vengeance and I now live in constant pain. I have been having Decapeptyl injections since March & had spotting for the first month which I reported to my Gynae. I was told that this should settle down & it did. I still had pain so kept on going to my GP who sent urgent referrals through to my Gynae to see me sooner (my GP said this holds more flack with the Gynae than me nagging them as the hospital get paid a fee every time my GP emails them!). You must keep on to them to see you sooner. They have a duty of care to see you sooner especially if you are suffering. I suffer terrible hot flushed & mood swings since taking these injections, how about you? I do hope you get sorted and are feeling better very soon. Sometimes we have to insist rather than use the nice approach all the time, which is very sad as it makes us out to be something we are not. Good luck, let me know how u get on. X

  • Hi thanks for your reply, my mood swings are normal i have been given hormone pills to stop that. Im kinda in the hopeful phase just now giving it a go but i also know that you need to push to get results i had to fight for my diagnosis, i knew what i had it was getting a doctor to agree i went through 4 gynae's to get it!!

  • Hi, I was diagnosed last year when I was 19 and tried treatments since. None worked I had Decapeptyl and I bleed for a while after. I had such bad pains I couldn't move most painful thing ever! I stayed on it that pain wasn't any better than before I went on it! Saw my consultant in April and beef another op. I think it has worked in away as it stopped my periods but not fully "/ give it another 3 weeks if it is no better go back to you GP xx

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply i think i'll give it until i have to go back my doctor in 2 weeks for another issue and ask about it then if it hasn't settled

  • Hi I am due to have my 4th monthly injection this week.after the first injection I bleed for a week but it settled down and have not bleed since. I have 1-2 days per month of mild pain each month but no where near as bad! It can take a couple of months for your ovaries to switch off. I have experienced mood swings and hot flushes but found they outway the constant pain I was in. I hope things settle down for you soon xx

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