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Realities of getting pregnant with endo?

Hello everyone. Am on the waiting list for a lap to drain and remove cysts on one ovary so in very early stages of treatment but very much consumed by a fear of actually how may this hinder my chances of becoming pregnant and carrying a baby safely and healthily.

I have the cysts but not sure what else until lap so not idea what the extent of the endo is. My mum had endo (not sure how severe) but it made it hard for her to conceive and took her a long time to have me (albeit a while ago so things have progressed!) but was then able to quickly conceive my sister a few months after I was born when I guess her endo was relieved!

Has anyone had fertility drugs along side treatment?

Experiences, advice, thoughts appreciated please. I've done research of my own but the personal stories on here mean so much more! Wanting to be hopeful but also realistic and look at our options.

Thanks x x x

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Hi Cornburygirl,

Endo affects us all so differently that I think it's hard to know who'll have fertility issues and who won't.

Personally I had my 1st child before I was diagnosed which was a blessing, baby no2 took me a further 6yrs to conceive but from day 1 I was in so much pain I eventually miscarried at 8wks at was told I had 2 endometriomas which needed to be removed before I tried to conceive again. I had them removed and started trying again right away going through 2 cycles of IUI & 3 cycles of IVF but nothing, not even a hint of a pregnancy at which time I was told internally I was physically fine and my tubes & ovaries were clear but Endo does cause lining & implantation problems.

We almost gave up trying then out of the blue I found out I was pregnant again naturally 10yrs after my m/c so we now have 2 gorgeous children almost 16yrs apart, but in my personal opinion I would say to anyone with Endo if you want children don't leave it too long as it may not happen as quickly as you'd hope. Tracyx



I'd reiterate that it affects everyone differently, lots of people on here seem to have varied experiences and I've heard of lots who didn't have any problems conceiving. I didn't get diagnosed with endo until I recently had a lap as part of fertility investigations when we'd been trying over 2 years. Now about to embark on IUI and they've treated the endo surgically as much as they could. My advice would be probably to use the pill or Mirena or something to treat the endo until you want to conceive. When you do, at least you won't have to go through the 2 years trying before they will look into it (like I did and most people have to) as they should investigate earlier if you have a diagnosis which will affect fertility.

All the best


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