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Has anybody felt relief from endo during pregnancy? Every single doctor, consultant and nurse tell me this is a 'treatment' option :/

Obviously I realise the side effects (children lol) will last forever and it's not to be considered lightly but my partner and I would like to start a family. I'm almost 29 and I know endo can cause fertility problems. He's just really worried I will be in a lot more pain again. I'm currently on Zoladex which is great apart from my joints feel like they are trying to break themselves. Other than that it's reduced a lot of endo pain and I feel better within myself.

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Hiya, I have endo, I have two boys, I found the pain got alot better during my pregnancies, but my first son was born 7 weeks early due to the endo, but he was fine after birth but stayed in scbu for 14 days, but his fine now, endo can make it hard to fall pregnant, but I definitely found my pain to be pretty much gone. Good luck xx


Thanks. Glad he's ok! How do you deal with being a mum now? I get really tired and just worry I won't be able to give my child my best. Maybe I'm over thinking it, I don't know. My friends have tried to reassure me but they don't have endo so can't really understand fully xx


Hi. My pain went away altogether when I was pregnant. The symptoms returned when my daughter was 3. I was able to cope. Now, she is 9 so understands mum is sore and tired. Hope you find the answers yu are looking for. Once your baby is here you just seem to cope because you have to. Family support helps loads too. :-)



I have been lucky enough to have had 2 children. With my youngest just turning 7 months old I have had " a well deserved" break from a developing cyst in or around my uthera area which seems to increase during ovulation & menstruation.

I'm due to have a examination next week from a gynaecologist to see on what the best form of action/treatment can be made before I start to feel any pain but before becoming pregnant with my 2nd child I had the implanon contraceptive implant inserted in my arm for 4 years & I believe this also provided me with some relief to the symptoms I used to get during my early 20's.



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