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Endo pain gone and don't know what to do

Usually my back will kill me and my left ovary will be horrendously painful.. And this last week except horrendous back ache all my lower uterus area (apart from the odd ache or twinge or bladder pain urinating) hasn't really bothered me and I have a laparoscopy in 2 weeks :( should I still go for it? I don't want to feel stupid if it's all gone... But yet again something's caused the horrendous lain iv been having please help! Xxxx

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I'd still have the lap. I have completely pain free days/weeks sometimes but when I do have the pain, boy do I know it! I'm waiting for a lap and will definitely still have it done, even if I haven't had pain for a few weeks when I have it done. I would hate for you to not have the lap and then your pain come back and you wish you'd had the lap done, especially as the waiting lists are so long for surgery x


Still have it hun. Endo is sneaky and sometimes symptoms are different day to day. If you have it I doubt its miraculously disappeared. You'd kick yourself if you cancelled and then you felt worse again next month.xx


Never trust endo. I've had pain that comes and goes and it does do just that. Its a wicked disease and pain is either constant or comes in waves. If you cancel the laparoscopy, you will not be certain what caused your pain. Could be endo and if they find it, they can treat it. Take care.


Thankyou ladies! I think I will still have it today I'm in agony with my back going from one side to another so there is definitely something wrong! So scared for my lap it's Probally my brain trying to talk myself out of it! Xxxx


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