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Has anyone tried Chinese medicine?

I've met several people (including a doctor) who swear by Chinese medicine when it comes to treating chronic pain. I'm going down to London to an open day at a Chinese clinic which works closely with hospitals in the area and just wondered if anyone had tried this before or had any kind of success? I've always been a little skeptical of alternative medicines but thought it might be worth giving a go considering western medicine doesn't seem to be doing much good at the moment!

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Hi! Yes im trying it right now! Ive only been on it for 2 weeks so far and no difference but they said it could take 1 month. I also went to London! Im really skeptical too, but so fed up of all the western medicines that don't work anyway! I thought I might as well try it! Tastes so disgusting though!!! But hopefully worth it:) Ill let you know how it goes, good luck xx

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Ah brilliant i'll give it a go then! I'm pretty used to having to wait for treatments to start working, why don't they make anything that works straight away? Thanks, I hope it starts making a difference soon - good luck with the next two weeks :) xx


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