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a waste of space of my appointment - added a reply to your comments

I went to endometriosis centre, and got asked why I was there as my endometriosis isn't that severe. I said I didn't know it was just for bad cases. My mirena is due to be changed and they did a transvaginal scan to see if there was any other endometriosis anywhere else. It was painful around part of my ovaries whilst doing it, and he said didn't find anything. I thought no you wont, as it is not always shown on scans. He commented I saw other gynaes in the past, and I said I had reasons to change them. Don't know what to do for the best, as I am in pain which I cannot stand. Please help, as I need to someone to listen and help me not fob me off. Love Starflower x

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I have not heard of this type of reaction before. When he said your endo is not severe was this comment based on your symptoms or anything that has been seen in a lap? 'severe' endo sometimes does not produce severe symptoms and the reverse can also be true, 'mild' endo can sometimes produce severe symptoms. Others might know more about this than I do.

If you have endo surely you have every right to be at an endo centre. Having said that, general gynaes should be able to deal with a small amount of endo. Endo centres are best for complex cases if you have endo on other organs such as the bowel or bladder that require additional specialists.


Sounds like you have had an awful time...alos sounds like they were quite rude to you!

Which centre was this at if you don't mind me asking? x


What a horrible time you've had. It seems like that doctor doesn't really understand endo, as some women can have "severe" endo with no symptoms at all and others only a little endo but awful symptoms, so I don't really understand why they seem to think you shouldn't be there for treatment. Surely if you have any endo at all and are in pain you deserve to have a treatment plan discussed?! Also you are totally right, the transvaginal scan wouldn't always show anything, unless is was huge patches of endo or a swollen ovary/chocolate cyst etc. The whole thing with endo is that it can ONLY be diagnosed by laparoscopy, so it doesn't make sense they can tell what is going on without going in and having a look that way! Is there a complaints process you could follow, or could you ask to see another doctor at the clinic for a second opinion? Also I agree with HelenPee, the doctor seemed very rude. I hope you manage to get another appointment with someone else soon. xx

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I know the reverse can be true I had stage 4 endo with very little pain except during my periods. I had other symptoms headache, back ache, bloating, tiredness but didn't connect the dots until I had brown breakout bleeding. My scan showed ovarian cysts but not the rest they found in there! Even the Gynae didn't think I had it bad until he opened me up! Then he said I "needed someone more talented than him" and referred me to a specialist. Get a second opinion Hun xxx


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