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Another question from me about Endo

I know that no one here are doctors but just wanted advise on whether you think the pains I have could be endo related, I will try to keep it short :) Painful periods since starting ( 23 years ago ) seemed better on the pill, worse and agonising after coming off pill, Cramps start atleast 4 days before period does, Periods never seem heavy or light just what I have always assumed to be normal. major pains for day's, feeling sick, being sick. This is where things have got worse and am now convinced I have Endo. Miscarriage on christmas day 2013, cramps everyday after, mid month absoulte agony, pain in lower abdomen and groin, dizzy, sick, headaches, feeling very down, then the lovely period. This went on for 4 months. Now i just seem to get burning like pains all month in groin and thighs which gets worse and worse throughout the month then it comes with headaches, sickness, extreme tiredness, feeling very low from mid month up until day of period. Sorry not so short after all, maybe writing it down in one go will help to get the advise i need. Thankyou in advance to anyone who answers.

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It could be endo, or could be adenomyosis which is very similar to endo but only grows inside the uterus muscle walls. it could also be fibroids or you might have ovarian cysts, or even adhesions from some past trauma in the tummy region.

Lots of things can cause very similar symptoms to endo without it actually being endo. One thing for sure something is wrong and does need investigation, because what you are experiencing is not 'normal', and you do need to be referred to a gynaecologist and get started on testing and scans to rule out the easy to spot conditions like cysts and fibroids. An MRI while you are on a period can check for Adenomyosis, but this is one that is usually checked for after a laparoscopy to check for endo first as that is much more common. there are also issues with fallopian tubes becoming distended and swollen with fluid - called hydrosalpinx which can show up on scans.

So start with asking GP to refer you to a gynaecology department.

Get an ultrasound scan to rule out other conditions rather than rule in endo, as it is very rarely spotted in ultrasounds.

Narrow down the possibilities of it being endo instead of anything else, then you would hopefully be offered a keyhole lap op to see what is going on in there if it can be found. If all your tests point to endo, but at the operation none is found, then that's when you should be looking for adenomyosis with an MRI scan.

Some ladies list their history and symptoms and experiences and it is a pretty safe bet to conclude endo, but in you case, there certainly are other conditions that could cause those same symtoms so you should keep an open mind. It certainly could be endo, but just as easily be other things too, so it must get investigated and then you know for certain what it isn't and may end up with endo being the most likely cause.


Thankyou so much AGAIN impatient, I had a scan a few months ago that came back clear. My doctor has referred me to gynae now so will have to wait to see now I guess. Take care xx


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