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Lap next monday, throat and ear infection.

Hi everyone im booked for my lap next monday morning im a bit concerned as i went to the drs today and have been told i have a throat and ear infection. The dr explained that he thinks both are viral in nature but because the reoccur frequently bacteria may prevent quick recovery so i have been put on 8 penicillian a day and ear drops 3 times. He also said that if the throat infection doesnt clear by next week then the lap and hysteroscopy would be cancelled! I had my original lap cancelled in october due to a pregnancy which i later miscarried so i am desparate to have this one! Does anyone have any experience with this as im confused and not too happy at the moment thankyou xxx

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Fingers crossed for you xx I had a chest infec & asthma flarred up 2 weeks b4 my lap - it was close but they were happy to go ahead on the day. I was bloody knackered though lol Just do what you can to rest between now & your op date and keep your fluid intake up too. Good luck & keep thinking positive xxxxx


Help your body with Zinc, Echinacea & 2000mg daily of Vit C. All these help your body fight infections & give your immune system a boost. Good luck!


Hi guys thank u soooooo much for your suggestions! Im sorry it took this long to reply long story short penicillin and I are not compatable and i had to spend till now recovering from them! Good news is that im feeling fit and ready for tomorrow, now im a bag of nerves! Lol! But hopefully a diagnosis and treatment is on the horizon! Thanks again so much and hopefully will have more news on the other side xxxxx


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