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Diet Tips


I just wondered if anyone had any tips for which foods and drinks would help or which to avoid.

The only thing I've ever been told by my doctors is to just lead a healthy and stress free life. Although recently one consultant told me I was born this way so I should just live as healthy as I can.

My symptoms are ok at the moment but I have just finished my second cycle of IVF so just want to do everything I can to make sure the endo doesn't increase before I have to start my 3 round.

Thank you x

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I have cut out all wheat/gluten, dairy, soya, alcohol and caffeine. I'm also limiting refined sugar intake and not eating any processed foods. These are all supposed to exacerbate symptoms of endo, however there are lots of schools of thought about what you should or shouldn't eat. It's worth doing a bit of research online and making your own decisions about what you feel works best for you to alleviate symptoms.

I hope all goes well with the IVF treatment xx


Hi Bobenhams3 there are a number of previous posts on diet and vitamins/supplements that you can find if you use the search box above.

There is a good website called endoresolved that has lots of information on diet and endometriosis and there are various good books you can order online. I often refer to one by the Nutritionist Dian Sheppersons mills (she specialises in endo and fertility, you can find videos of talks she has done at the nutri centre on YouTube). The main diet is basically an anti inflammatory diet that involves avoiding foods that cause inflammation such as red meat, chocolate, coffee.

Personally I don't keep to the diet religiously but I generally try to avoid wheat, dairy, caffeine, citrus fruits (they irritate the bladder). I try and eat oily fish a couple of times a week and have tried to increase my intake of cruciferous veg (broccoli, cauliflower, etc), veg in general, legumes, brown rice. I do notice a reduction in pain through the changes I've made.

If you think you may have a wheat/dairy sensitivity then try the elimination diet where you eliminate them both for a month and then one week you introduce wheat over a few days and notice symptoms, then following week introduce dairy and again notice symptoms. If you are fine then you may not need to restrict your intake so much, though many of us do have problems with one or both of them.

It's worth doing some research into vitamins and supplements as these can help also. I take a few like fish oil, multivitamin, probiotic, borage oil.

If your symptoms are OK at the moment you may not notice much difference to be honest.

The main thing with endo is to reduce oestrogen levels which is ultimately what stops it spreading or growing back.

Good luck with it all


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