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Lost Mirena Coil?!

I was diagnosed with Endo last December shortly after my 20th birthday and after suffering for 6 years was glad to hear that 'it wasn't all in my head'! During my laparoscopy my gyne fitted me with a mirena coil. It took 5 months of constant bleeding and perseverance for it to settle but finally I felt like a new woman with virtually no pain and no periods! However, about 3 weeks ago me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time in a while as my periods had settled and it was no longer painful, and now I can no longer feel the strings of my mirena. I'm worried it's either moved or fallen out. I've been keeping an eye on my moods and I've been an emotional wreck the past 2 weeks and suffered with a little bit of pain. I also started to bleed 2 days after the sex and continued to bleed for 1 week. Has this happened to anyone else and can a one suggest anything I should be doing?! Thanks endo family x

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Hello :)

Well, I can't speak from experience as I have only had mine since May but apparently sometimes the strings can get 'sucked up' the tubes which is why you may not be able to feel it.. I would book an appointment with the GP ASAP for an exam to see what's going on. Hope it all goes ok! Xx


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