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need to rant ladies sorry. I was first diagnosed with endio 14 years ago, since then i have had 4 laporoscopies, 1 miscarriage and numerous scans, my last lap showed that my bowel was stuck down with endio which the surgeon had to release and move all of my bits about inside to get to it. my gp also thinks i have something going on with my bowel but after 3 endoscopies, nothing shown. My symptoms are different to a lot of you on here in that , i have period like pains mid month (when ovulating) but then no strong pain until about the 2nd day of my period, it always wakes me around 3 am and is constant until eventually i vomit, strange thing is that as soon as i start vomiting, most of the time , the pain starts to reduce !!!! my periods are not overly heavy but are heavier on first few days but i have noticed that when i have the intense pain, i loose no blood............ the rest of my period, the pain is controllable, it just seems to peak at the beginnign but then reduces.................... i have aching legs, sciatic nerve problems in my buttocks, tired all of the time and a constant swell on the left side of my lower abdomen which also goes into my groin and top of left thigh, on top of this i get the normal bloating around time of period. i have been told i dont have dvt. sex is a no no now as i hurt from point of penetration ................................ my hubby is very understanding but i am now at the stage where i feel so down about it, i very rarely go out as am very conscious of the swelling on my left side and have also put on quite a bit of weight in past year.................. ct scans show no cysts, pelvis area looks fine etc etc . can anybody advise if this is indeed part of endio and have they any suggestions please as i am truly at my wits end now !!!! :(


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