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Anyone have Endo with no pain?

It was discovered with an internal scan I have an endometrioma or chocolate cyst that I will be having my first lap for soon. I will be having IVF after so the cyst has to go.

Apart from a bleed a couple of days before my period and symptoms that were originally diagnosed as IBS I have none of the horrendous pain described in some of the posts.

My doc says it is endometriosis but they won't know the extent until I have the Op to remove the cyst.

I am hoping that the lack of pain indicates that the endo could be mild? Has anyone else had experience of this?

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Well I have not yet been diagnosed officially as having Endo, however if I do get diagnosed (looking quite likely from what consultant had to say) then yes - I have had times where I had no pain. However, I have also experienced excruciating pain for many years. Basically I had been on the implant for 6 years which helped LOTS mainly in that it stopped my periods. Since coming off the implant I have not had the same intensity of pain as in the past (however intercourse is a whole other matter).

From what I have seen online Endo has different symptoms for different people, some have mild endo with horrendous pain and some with sever endo who have no pain at all! Seems to be the luck of the draw unfortunately :(


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