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Swollen and painful groin (lymph node?) and back pain...help please?



all day my groin area has been hurting and I thought I pulled a muscle in my sleep or something. I realized about an hour ago that it is actually quite swollen and tender, also my back is really hurting me. I know I have an inverted uterus and was told that's why I experience back pains. Is there any chance the back pain and the swelling could be related? also am I correct in assuming it is a lymph node? Any help would be highly appreciated, I was diagnosed with endo 2 years ago and I have ovarian adhesions.

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It sounds as if your having a flare up? Does this effect your bowel too? My pelvic lymph glands have been up for a few months now but my pain is pretty much daily now with the odd day where it's not to bad! My gp was useless and I have made a complaint as she clearly isn't up to date with endo and the problems it causes but I will get to the bottom off it and I'll keep you updated. X

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