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Where's your pain? New. Help.

Hi, I am new to the site and haven't yet been told if I have endometriosis yet as I am not having my laparoscopy until June. I saw the consultant today who gave me an internal examination and said that everything was fine but suspected endo. He did though say something about my pain being very low down in my abdomen as though this wasn't normal. It is just below my bikini line. Just wondering if anyone else's pain is there. Other symptoms are heavy, irregular and very painful periods. Pain during intercourse and a kind of achy pain which is constant and a sharp pain which seems to be worse the week before and for a few days after my period. I am also very tired all the time but also have ulcerative colitis so do put that down to that. Thanks, Kelly.

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Hello Kelly .

My name is Barbara and I have had endometriosis since 1991.

I also get pain low down but as I also have adenomyosis, this pain may be caused by that.

I get dreadful shooting pains at anytime of the month and a feeling of heat over my right side.

I get severe cramping pains about ten days before my period and during.

I get pain in my legs and severe back pain.

I also have problems having a poo (TMI) and also pain when I need to go.

I have fatigue and tiredness.



Hi my pain is

Dull ache before period

Pain during se.

Pain in bladder when bladder is full

Tbh I find it hard to pinpoint my pain but I am getting to know what symptoms are caused by endo in certain places.

Hope this helps a lil x


I get pain in my bikini line area too. It's all part of your pelvis so it's not uncommon.


Yes, I have a constant ache on the left side, often very low down. I didn't have any 'classic' endo signs (periods very light and almost painless) until my lap diagnosed me after a sudden onset of pelvic and back pain which was (and still is) often daily. I also have burning and prickly type pain - my body just decides which pain it will go for each morning!


Hi there, I haven't been diagnosed yet (seeing gyni next month) but me and others suspect it is endo.

My pain is: Constant dull aching/ light cramp like pain over my lover right abdomen/ pelvis.

Sudden sharp stabbing/ intense cramping pain which comes and goes with no warning.

I get the sudden sharp pain when I lie on my back or stomach and sometimes if i lie on my side( which makes sleeping a nightmare. I also get woken by the pain sometimes.

Pain when pressure is applied on my lower abdomen/ pelvis area, especially the right half.

I have had extremely painful and heavy periods since 14 (now 18) and ovulation pain which can last up to 2 weeks.


Again, I haven't been diagnosed but here's mine

Pain during and after sex - aching, stabbing, throbbing pain

Pain in legs - siatica like, sharp stabbing pain in bum and hip (right hand side)

Pelvic Pain

Lower back pain - aching right hand side


Heavy periods (when I have them)

Fatigue / depresson

I hope you find your answers xxx


Pain around pelvis, sometimes it is a dull ache but other times it feels like burning and as though someone is running their nails across my insides. On bad days it feels like i am being stabbed. Mainly on my left side, currently.:(

Pain when bladder is full. Pain when passing water. Pain in my bowel movements. Pain after which i can get extremely nauseous after.

Nausea. It variatesbut if its strong, i cant keep much down.


Pain during and after intercourse.

Excessive tiredness.

Periods: heavy, hellish long lasting.


Hey Kelly! I have the exact same pain in the same places and our types of pain seem to be the same. I did not realise that lower down pain is unusual? I am being 'treated' for endometriosis with the Mirena Coil it is useless and i do not recommend it to anybody, mood swings, still in lots of pain and has not stopped my periods all together. How was the Laparoscopy ?


Hi guys, thanks for all of this. It's so great to see i'm normal! My symptoms are:

- heavy periods

- incredibly bad pains

- dull painful ache in lower back and pelvis (i describe it as my back and pelvis being broken at the same time) - this always stops me from actually being able to work

- huge amount of bloatedness

- sometimes i get the urge to be sick too

- sharp stabbing pain in the left side of my knicker line

I've had one laparoscopy, but looking to have another in the future ho hum


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