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Today around 13:30 i was sat down having a conversation with my family and i laughed, immediately upon laughing i felt this horrific sharp pain go across my stomach originating where my endo and tumoured ovary are situated. It honestly felt someone had cut into me with a knife.

Its now almost midnight and about 30 mins ago i went to the pee and upon wiping there was a lot of fresh bright red blood.

What should i do? Should i be worried?

I am on the combined pill back to back so theres a chance of a breakthrough bleed. Is this just coincidence with the pain or is it something far worse?

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Sounds like you had an ovarian cyst just burst there - Super Ouch.

If you had asked earlier I would have said go straight to A&E, when the ultrasound teams are on duty and they could have scanned you right away to see if the cyst had just popped which I suspect is precisely what happened.

Having left it till the pain has calmed down a bit means that it is no longer an emergency as such. You should report it to your GP who in turn may request a scan to confirm that is indeed what happened.

I am assuming when you say you wiped and it bright red blood that this was vaginal rather than bladder blood.

If the cyst was right near the fallopian tube or the uterus when it exploded it can jolt the uterus in to shedding part of the lining as your body cramps in reaction to the big event, this unexpected shedding of the lining will indeed cause a fresh bleed and may even have been enough to trigger a period too. Although hopefully it will just be a bleed and will clot in the next day or two and leave your menstrual cycle intact.

You will need a scan - the A&E scan would have been the quickest option, but at this point speak to your GP to get referred to check.

My scan was 2 weeks after explosion and even then there was still a lot of signs of the cyst content everywhere, and the deflated cyst itself was there.

6 weeks after that - the cyst had wretchedly refilled and was leaking as it filled.

It was surgically removed a month or so later.

Burst cysts can cause pelvic infections and may need a course of antibiotics. not every case does, but be on the watch for signs of pelvic pain that could be an infection and visit GP asap should that happen too, but certainly visit in the 1st place and report what has happened so it is noted on your records and see what doc says about a scan to check.

On the plus side most cysts do not refill , and the mess and the deflated cysts get reabsorbed back in to your body over the coming weeks and the bruising from the explosion calms down too.

If you want to go to A&E tonight for pain relief and an expert opinion then do so, but the ultrasound department is unlikely to be open for business till tomorrow morning. and you may get sent home with nothing but a painkiller injection in the thigh or bum. A good night's sleep is a lot better for you if you can tolerate the pain levels now and you are coping with the pain relief you have in the house.

hope you're feeling a lot better in the coming days. It sure is a shock to the system when that happens out of the blue.


Go to a and e immediately.


I totally get what you are saying , ive been getting those sharp shooting pains for a couple of days now every so often im unsure what they are but there super painful.


I get these to near and at my period it's like a ripping sensation and so sore , doc said didn't know wot it was I wasn't in pain when went to see him i am starting to feel completely neglected by my doc , feel your pain xx


Hey guys, i managed to get myself an emergency doctors appt this morning. Doctor said she is not ruling out the possibility of my cyst bursting but would first like to try rule out some smaller things like infections. Im now on antibiotics for a kidney infection to see if theres any improvement. Ive given urine samples and if theres no improvement i have to go back and consider going for some tests. She said if my pain gets any worse to go to a&e immediately.

I somehow managed my 6 hour shift at work as well :/ i feel like superwoman haha! x


you are superwoman !!


I also get this ripping sensation I always imagined it being from adhesions and when you move in a certain way or cough laugh it's pulling whatever is stuck together .... Doesn't happen to me all the time though .


The best advice is always to go to A&E. You do get almighty pain with a cyst that breaks up, and you can bleed at any time with endometriosis and get pain, but for your own peace of mind get checked out by the medical profession.


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