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Advice please.... Missed period or pregnancy? Any similar stories?

Hi there I am just seeing if anybody has any similar stories? My husband and I are TTC.... I have had my coil taken out end of march had one period (slightly longer than normal) and then nothing since.. If I had a regular cycle I would be 10 days late now.... Have done 2 negative pregnancy tests.... And going to ask my GP for a blood test.... Don't want to get my hopes up as my periods before the coil were never regular... But looking to see if anyone has ever missed a period? Or similar stories ... Or just stories in general haha.... I hate this disease that makes everything so tricky and uncertain!! Thanks in advance xxx

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I am currently in the same situation. Me and my partner have been TTC for nearly 5 yrs. my periods coming every month, my cycle lasts between 28-32 days. Am currently 7 days late which is the latest I've ever been! Just took a pregnancy test which was negative



I'm ttc too so really really hoping you have both got lucky this month!

However rhi123 it wouldn't be unusual for your cycles to take a while to regulate, each time I've come off contraceptives there's been very little pattern for the first few months and then all of a sudden gone back to clockwork. Are you temping or using opk sticks? I find it much more reassuring using opks as it gives me a much better idea of whether I am actually late or not, with the bonus of giving some guide to whether I'm ovulating, it's not uncommon for ovulation to vary as much as 7 days in any given cycle, particularly with endo, which then has knock on effect of making you think you're 7 days late when you're actually spot on, might be something worth looking at but definitely ask for a blood test as well x


It can take 6-12months for ur periods to become regular again I hope it is good news for u thou :) x


Thanks all had my blood taken today as still no period ... 13 days late! So fingers crossed x


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