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It's like deja vu!

Hi to everyone, rejoined after being diagnosed about ten yrs ago...I have had about six good yrs following that..with many laser laparoscopy, injections in stomach & finally mirena coil...however hot remarried 18 months ago and had coil out to try for kids without success...mainly due to internal scarring, age and being a big girl we decided to give up after a yr...had coil put back in two months ago but in the yr I had coil out endometriosis has returned worse then ever...I hoping to meet new people to give and receive support as I find no matter how good family & friends are unless you have gone through this it's so hard to share x

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Sorry to hear it's come back and that you weren't successful with trying for a baby. Have you spoken to a doctor or endo specialist about how bad it's got again? You may need another lap. They might also be able to help discuss options for having a baby if you'd like one. I hope you get sorted but in the meantime any questions or worries just post on here as there's lots of lovely ladies with plenty of knowledge who can help and support. Xx


Hi Cat...the baby thing was always going to be a long shot & with my first marriage it never seemed right...Im fine with that and accepted what will be and all that

..I went to see GP she wants me togive it 6 months as thinks its just the coil settling however you know your own body...every symptom from years ago is back & worse...Ive been admitted to hospital since and seen another doc who said its def the endo...just waiting for ultrasound on 13th then they will decide best option....when I was diagnosed ten yrs ago they didnt want to consider hysterectomy due to my age & no kids but obviously much older now...I can live with no kids it was never a consideration until I remarried but I cant this the endo rule my life again :(..I hope you are well today x


Hi Chellie VG,

I'm new to this site, but understand exactly what you are going through. My story in a nut shell is that I was on various HRT's pain killers, gained weight, bloated out, had the chronic pain etc. With my husbands support I followed my noise and went in search of alternative healing. I'm much much better now (no pain, no issues). I've dropped two dress sizes and now trying for a child. If you would like further support - I'd glady share my story with you. As I said to Mrs Jobba2 please read my 1st post titled "just joined this site" and ask yourself "if it worked for her, could it work for me?" "what if it does works for me?". I'm no doctor or specialist, but will share what I've done and provide you with hope to carry on! xxx


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