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Does a change of diet help relieve endometriosis pain/ other symptoms?

I heard that changing your diet (gluten free) etc. may minimize symptoms. I have had severe pain due to endometriosis and have tried so many different painkillers and medicines but am willing to try just about everything if it helps. Can anyone tell me what kind of dietary changes I need to make? Has it helped others? Any advice would really be appreciated. Thanks xx

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Hello :) yes it does and you can be as radical with it as you choose. Someone ladies follow the endo diet to the letter and some pick and choose what is right for them: google endo resolved and use the search bar on here as there is loads of information already posted about the diet and it's benefits. I usually have a very strict diet which is meat, sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy, alcohol, and caffeine free which helps me tremendously. You are what you eat, so if you are eating healthy you are giving yourself the best chance at living with this disease. If you fill yourself with rubbish (regardless of endo) you will feel crap. I also drink loads of water and have a juicer too which helps. It isn't easy and most of my friends think I'm insane and eating out is an ordeal to say the least but for me and lots of other ladies or does work - good luck! X

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Well, it depends on you. I have been gluten free for nearly a year due to a wheat allergy. It has NOT helped with the endo pain for me at all. It is a super difficult diet to follow (when everyone around you is eating your favorite take out and you are stuck there eating a nasty sandwich; it depressing), but it doesn't hurt to try it. Good luck.


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