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Ladies...your help please....I have just had my left ovary and Fallopian tube removed due to an endometriona, my surgeon also 'had a tidy

Up in there ' I was still out of it after anaesthetic, but was not told I had endometriosis....Hower despite having diverticular disease, it appears my symptoms....including ongoing thrush match many on here....I asked my doctor if that is what I have but he said he didnt know....I have been battling symptoms for five years...Any ideas ? Thanks xx

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It could be that you were very lucky and the only endo that you had was on that now removed ovary (causing the endometrioma ) and it has been whipped out entirely.

This leaves the remaining ovary and tube intact and there remains a possibility that in due course your uterus endo cells may journey along the remaining tube (in the wrong direction) and spread endo cells in to the tummy area once again.

it's pot luck if they nest on an ovary or any other tissue or ligaments or organs. they can happily live anywhere they care to. in due course your surgeon will send a report to your GP and may or may not send you a follow up appointment. it won't be needed if all was removed.

Nevertheless it is a good idea to reduce the risk of future endo by cutting back on how many periods you have each year or stopping them longer term with something like mirena coil. The assorted options can be discussed with your GP. Stick to the progesterone only methods.

I suspect if you had been identified as having severe endo you would probably have been told, but just having an 1 endometrioma is stage 3 endo regardless of any or how many other endo lesions were spotted.

Usually it takes 3-4 weeks for the report from the surgeon to reach your GP and end up in your records with him/her. Might take longer if they took any biopsies and are awaiting results of those before sending the letter.

If they are unsure of any patches - then they take a sample - a biopsy - send it to the lab to check if it is indeed endo.

I doesn't utomatically mean you would need a follow up op straight away, but t least they would know where to look next time the pains get too much to bare and you require another surgery.

Meantime. make sure you are getting plenty of rest, good nutrition and drink water to help healing, and also maintain regular activity - nothing strenuous, just pottering about the house and short walks to keep the circulation going and the bowels moving too ...even though it hurts.

It is a big op - even though you are minus bits now, there is still quite lot of wound healing required deep inside and that does take several weeks to be free of op pains, bruising and swelling.


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