Hot sweats and fevers. Can anything been done?

This is something I'm sure I've asked a hundred times but even my GP (who is usually really good) just shrugs? I have had ongoing problems with temperature control for nearly two years- seemed to settle a little bit after lap last year but along with painful, heavy periods have returned with a vengeance since the new year. I often have horrid sweating episodes and most nights wake up drenched and feverish.

Despite what most people think is a small inconvenience is wrecking my life and is generally exhausting. I also have ME.

Any advice would be so amazing xx

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  • I experience exactly the same thing, it really does impact on your daily quality of life. I asked my specialist about this and she said it was due to high hormone levels as I've been on the combined pill and mini pill back to back for a few years now. I don't know if this would be the case with you? Sorry to hear you're going through this and having a tough time with it and sorry I can't help more, wish I had something to take them away!

  • Thank you daisyb14. It sadly seems the case that no one knows how to sort it out. I can't go on any contraception as we are trying to conceive so it's just another horrid symptom to put up with :( Windows open! X

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