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North-West endo specialist

Can anyone recommend a good endo specialist in the North West? I live in Cheshire but willing to travel. I am under a consultant at the moment who diagnosed me with endo following a lap but he says all my symptoms are unusual and therefore thinks I have a secondary issue and referred me to a gastroenterologist for tests. I know reading these forums that my symptoms aren't unusual, so I now don't know where to turn. Please help if you can. Many thanks.

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you have a decent lot of choices actually.

have a look on the BSGE website for the accredited endo centres,


and there are provisional ones pending accreditation too in the NW - on a separate page the link is on the top of the page i have given you.

unfortunately we cannot name specific medical staff on this forum as part of the heath unlocked rules but we can direct you to the bsge website.

Write down the details of the hosp most convenient to you, check though to see if it is private or NHS, and then take the details to your GP and ask for a referral.

they all have urology and colorectal consultants on their surgical teams with experience of how endo affects bladder and bowel. Most regular gynaecologists only have sufficient training for the most basic lap op to diagnose and remove shallow growing endo, and anything more complex or unusual needs referring to an endo centre.


Hi thanks for your reply, sorry I was looking for some personal experiences of who would be good to go to. Thanks


Hi Triples

I'm afraid we don't allow individual consultants to be named on this forum so I may have to delete your post or any other replies that name individuals. As Impatient has already pointed out the BSGE does have a list of centres and there are a number in the North West.

Good luck with finding the treatment that is right for you.

Best wishes



No problem thanks and sorry I didn't realise.


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