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I suffered with endo & pcos from i was 21had op to remove endo in 2000 went on to have a healthy baby no problems, 7 yrs passed before i

Fell pregnant again. This time i ended up having an emergency section. Another healthy baby but iwas left in agony afterwards. 6 mths passed and the pain was just too much had a scan which showed large cyst on right ovary decided to get checked privately & was advised to have surgery to remove via keyhole, - turns out my insides were a mess, all stuck together dr let slip it was from my last op (section). I was so upset it was pure negligance im now taking hospital to court as medical records show they didnt check that all was ok before they stitched me back up, even though i suffered with endo when i had my op back in 2000 i never had any problems until after i had section, i feel so annoyed as the pain has reared its ugly head again . Has anyone else gone through anything similar?


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