Hi all, I'm new to the site, but was diagnosed in Feb 2003 with Endo. I've always controlled it with Microgynon contraceptive pill, but

Was told 3 weeks ago by my Endocrinologist (for adrenal problems) to come off the pill as my cortisol levels are high and the pill could be contributing to this. I'm 3 weeks pill free and in the most uncomfortable burning pain in my lower right abdomen. I've actually spent today in A&E with suspected appendicitis as the symptoms were so similar. Could this be the Endo from stopping the pill? I seriously didn't expect it to return or give me pain this quickly! Has anyone else come off the pill and had similar problems? Many thanks in advance, Kelly :-)

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Dear Kelly, First of all, hope you are feeling a bit better! What a horrible day you have had, thinking about you! Whilst I can't really shed any light on your pain, I can say I have had the same experience.Like you I was on microgynon for 10 years to control my endo after a laparotomy and cyst removal (and the cyst and the worse of the endo was on the right side. ) For 10 years no pain or probs. But a few months ago (due to suspected migraine) I was taken off combined pill by GP and put on minipill. It hasn't controlled my cycle at all and from the start I have had the pain you experience (tho as yet, not been bad enough to go to A & E.) Dr said it my body adjusting to pill but I am convinced the Endo back! Sorry I can't give you any solutions, but know how you feel and thinking about you. Think we both need our combined pill to control our endo! Sending you hugs andhhope u ok, Katie xx

Hi Katie, thanks so much for your reply. Sorry to hear you've also been in pain since coming off the pill. Was your Endo always controlled well on the pill? Xx

Hi Kelly, Hope you are feeling better today. Yeah, on Microgynon had no pain at all and put packets together and was all fine. Seemed to completely control the endo, pity it seems to be back now! To be honest I to was surprised how quickly the problems came back. :( Hope you at least feeling a bit better today xx

I hope you are better I was took to hospital with same pain I was told it was 7m cyst on right ovary? But pain is always on left pain was all over the place this time worse than my labour was also told I may have passed a kidney stone? And that I have 3 3cm gallstones? They want me to take pill but that's to control pain.....what they dont know is the pain I become whe taking any kind of pill so what's worse? Did they scan you to see if it's come back?

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