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How long before the mini pill starts to take effect? And does it work for daily pain?

Hello, I had a lap almost five weeks ago and despite removal of adhesions and endo I am still in daily pain. I am really getting depressed and low. I have now been on the mini pill for four weeks and wondered how long it takes to start making a difference? I just want my normal life back :(

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I am so with you on wanting your life back. For me personally, the mini-pill didn't do anything. The dr.'s always say give something 3 months to fully get into your system.


mini pill is not a pain killer it will not impact on anything else that has been damaged by endo and is hurting like adhesions, scarring or nerve damage, nor will it make a dent in the operation/surgery pains which will certainly still be healing if you only had your op 5 weeks ago. My op pains didn't ease off for about 4 months . It depends what you had done in your surgery, how quickly your body can recover, you not overdoing things and having set backs and so on.

At this stage keep taking pain killers if you need them, and keep on top of them too so they don't run out before topping up the dose. you can mix pain killer types so you don't OD above the max dose for any one sort, so you can mix paracetamol with ibuprofen or voltarol etc. but be careful not to take too many of the same kinds of pain killers.

Recover from surgery takes time for most of us. only miracle or minor surgery will have you fee of post op pains in a week or two - for the majority of us it takes a couple of months or more.

But you will get there and the surgical wounds will heal and the swellings inside will calm down and the bruising inside will subside...eventually.


I took 2 months for things to settle and even though I still get twinges that things are not quite right but may still be in the process of my body getting used to things! Wishing you lots of luck that you find something that works for you x


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