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Desperate for a laparoscopy! Can they refuse me?

Hi everyone

Just wanted a little advice, ive had chronic pelvic and lower back pain for almost a year. Abnormal pre and post menstrual bleeding. Im convinced its endo.

First referral to gynae resulted in a diagnosis of pms and a prescription for anti depressants which was ridiculous!! Paid to see a private gynae who suggested endometriosis and recommended I get a second referral to an nhs gynae who knows what hes doing. I have just been told my choose and book thing is ready to collect and I am going to see an endo specialist that I requested which is amazing!

However, now im concerned, Im trying to conceive so I don't want to be put on the pill or have a coil, I don't want to take loads of drugs or strong painkillers or take hormones yet. I just want a laparoscopy so I know whats going on inside. I feel very strongly about this but ive had to fight so hard to get this far and im worried hes going to refuse me a laparoscopy and ill be leaft with no options.

What can I do?

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Hi naomi, sorry to hear you've had such a journey and still haven't got your diagnosis. Fingers crossed the specialist agrees to lap ( many do as it's the only way to diagnose for sure) I think if you explain your situation and feelings they will take that into account. In all honesty I don't know where you stand in terms of them refusing the lap, but I really hope this works out for you! I'm no doctor but it does seem like a logical next step, so hopefully the specialist will come through for you!

Good luck for your appt. and on your journey of starting a family xx


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