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Apparent endo - awaiting laparoscopy

Hi all. I have not yet been fully diagnosed with Endo, though my Gynaeo is "pretty certain" I have it; I'm waiting on an appointment for them to "go in" and have a snoop around. I was just wondering if anybody else experiences tiredness, disturbed sleep (waking pain free) but server tiredness at other times of the day and weight gain? I can't really find anything anywhere that details the above as symptoms. I also have a cyst on my right ovary. Could that be causing my additional symptoms? TIA x

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Hi I'm at the same stage as you suspected endo. Having an ultrasound next week then booking lap same day.

I have put on almost 3 stone in the last 6 months and feel tired all the time. Before I could happily sleep 6 hours and be fine now I need 9 and still feel tired all day.

I have disturbed sleep but due to pain and needing the loo every hour or so.

Hope you get your answers soon



Hi there! I have severe endo and I recognise the tiredness symptoms that you talk about as I feel so tired so much of the time. I think that it is something that affects a lot of us. I haven't had the weight gain though so hopefully somebody else can advise you. It seems to have so many different symptoms and affect us all so very differently.


Thank you both for your replies; still being at the diagnosis stage makes it so difficult to even try and consider what's wrong with me lol I sleep like a log usually so to be awake for up to three hours some nights is do frustrating. I'm dead on my feet which is do unlike me.

It's so bizarre that's it's one condition but affects everyone in so many different ways. It makes me wonder how they can say it's one and the same condition, but then I'm no doctor ☺️

Hope you get your results soon Kelly. I've had three ultrasounds and was told all was okay with me. It was only due to me telling the doc I wasn't happy this was "just one of those things" that I was referred to the Gynaecologist; I'm still in the dark though lol Fingers crossed we get our answers soon

Sarah x


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