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Random missed period but period cramping and normal symptoms..why?!

Hello lovelies, I was diagnosed with endo last may. I've had two laporoscopy procedures and 4 months of zoladex treatment- of which the last implant was sept 2013. Since November I have had regular periods almost to the day and by my period app I should have come on 8 days ago. On the day I was due on I had all the usual cramps and period feelings, so much so I went to the loo with a tampax ready but nothing other than normal discharge! I've done two cheap negative pregnancy tests at day 5&6 of the missed period but still no sign. Even prior to being diagnosed I've not been this late for a period. Although I've had one episode of unprotected sex my boyf didn't ejaculate so I'm certain I won't be pregnant.

Has anyone else experienced this? I don't want to waste the doctors time if my periods are likely to suddenly stop or become sporadic but for me this really isn't normal xx

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Did anything come of this Hun? Cos I am currently in exactly the same situation and don't know what to do?! Xx


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